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On the morning of 15 May 2010, one of the largest photovoltaic plants in the area was activated. This was the result of a series of sustainable choices that began in earnest in 2009 and that has since seen the installation of two sites capable of generating a full 350,000 kW hours per year.

Our rural retreat, which was among the first organisations in this part of Italy to tap the potential of renewables, launched a sustainability project involving the installation of photovoltaic cells with an output of 200 kW. This power is used to meet the energy requirements of the winery and the agritourism. Today, cutting-edge technologies make photovoltaic an energy-generation system that as well as guaranteeing a high yield also ensures the increased durability of the panels.

The new plant occupies a surface area of 800 m2 and supplies energy to the accommodation and the restaurant of the agritourism, which with this operation will become carbon neutral, reducing its environmental impact to zero.

The grounds, available for use by adults and children alike.